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** Please note: While I believe that brain training can be a valuable resource for overall well-being, it is a tool and training, not a medical treatment or psychotherapeutic intervention.  Further, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback I provide is separate and apart from my psychotherapy practice and designation, and is not considered to be psychotherapy (talk therapy), nor any other therapeutic treatment. **


Mio Yokoi, Certified Neuroptimal trainer & TOTAL Wellness Coach

I can say from experience that my dedicated practice in neurofeedback and brain wellness have given me increased focus, calm and productivity.

As a result, I am in the best state of overall health and wellness in my life, run a number of business ventures, and have meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  Oh, and generally quite a happy person.

Ever since I was a young child, I liked to explore, talk with people, read, observe and ask A LOT of questions.

Over time, my natural curiosity turned to great interest in my own personal growth and development.

After engaging and growing from my personal development work, it eventually led me to go back to school and to my second career as a registered psychotherapist.

Now, working as a psychotherapist in private practice since 2009, my curiosity and commitment to growth is from both a professional and personal perspective.

(PLEASE NOTE: While I do maintain a separate private practice as a Registered Psychotherapist, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training is not provided under my RP designation and not considered to be psychotherapy or any other medical or therapeutic intervention.)

As a result, I am constantly searching for resources that could help, assist and support increased mental clarity, emotional ease and increased performance.

Neurofeedback was suggested to me by a trusted mentor and I decided to dedicate research and time to learning more about brain training. 

While neurofeedback brain training has history and evidence supporting its practice stretching back over 50 years, I was surprised to learn that there are very few options for brain training services offered in downtown Toronto.

After an initial session with the NeurOptimal® system, I noticed a decrease in mental chatter and a more subtle sense of well-being that I can only describe as 'feeling clearer'.

As I completed my fifth session, I noticed sleeping better, being more comfortable socially (I'm an introvert), better word recall and being more relaxed in general.

My general state of being more relaxed was noticed by my partner who, along with my encouragement, decided to start brain training as well. 

A few of the things he noticed after his initial ten sessions were improved mood (he regularly wakes up singing tunes and singing throughout the day now), greater focus, better ability to cope with stress, and less anxiety.

Now that we have access to the ability to brain train more regularly, we continue to train multiple times weekly and notice improvements all the time.

It is through my own personal experiences as well as the history, research and neuroscience behind neurofeedback and NeurOptimal® that I am very excited to be providing access to brain training in the heart of downtown Toronto.

As a metaphor, I believe that neurofeedback training is de-bugging and ensuring an optimized running of the operating system (ie the brain), while psychotherapy can be considered to be a process of reviewing and updating the apps (ie the mind).

Through my personal experience with neurofeedback, it is my belief that brain training may be a valuable tool in the resource tool box I can suggest, in addition to mindfulness practices, such as meditation and self-reflection.

To experience neurofeedback brain training and the benefits firsthand, contact me now to get started.

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