FAQs & Helpful Details

  • The brain training session utilizes auditory feedback and if you prefer to use your own ear buds (not headphones and not noise-cancelling), please feel free to bring your own. 
  • Many people report improvement in sleep as one of the initial shifts occurring, some as quickly as following the first session. 
  • While every brain is different and noticeable changes for every individual will be unique, ideally at least thirteen sessions is recommended to allow the brain the ability to adapt more flexibly.  (This page may provide some additional details regarding the relationship between the number of sessions and changes as studied in psychotherapy, which is also a methodology of shifting brain functioning as a result of neuroplasticity.)
  • You may be wondering, "How many sessions will I need?"  The answer is: "It is entirely up to how you respond to the training."  The average may be between 13 to 30 sessions, but it really depends on your specific goals.  There are those who are satisfied after a certain number of sessions, while there are others who continue to train to see what other shifts they could experience.
  • Outcomes may be improved by:
    • Brain training after a recent meal rich in proteins
    • Abstaining from alcohol or marijuana 12 hours before and after training
    • Being well hydrated

Important Note

Neurofeedback brain training with the NeurOptimal® system is NOT a medical device, nor a therapeutic treatment.

While brain training to optimize brain function may result in gains and shifts in many areas of function, NeurOptimal® is not a system or process which utilizes diagnosis to influence outcomes.