How Does Neurofeedback Work?

NeurOptimal® brain training is a proprietary and unique neurofeedback system using software that provides the central nervous system with information that can help the brain to make the best use of its own neural resources.

Much like mindfulness training or meditation, brain training can help to transform recurring intrusive feelings and thoughts, and unhelpful patterns of thinking. 

The more the brain gets "stuck" in specific ways of thinking and feeling, the more the "stuckness" may result in less than optimal cognitive and emotional functioning.

For instance, let's say that you started to work out independently, but without having access to a mirror.  It is very likely that you may develop incorrect form without the "feedback" information that the mirror can give you. 

Further, the more you repeat the incorrect action, the more you will develop the habit of doing squats with less than perfect form.  That would be the "stuckness".

Eventually, you may get the sense that something may seem "off" or that you are not experiencing the gains you were expecting. 

While a mirror may give you the feedback to let you know that your squats can be improved, a qualified personal trainer would be able to tell you the precise moment you may be going off course. 

In both cases, it is ultimately up to you to decide what you would like to do with the feedback you receive as to whether to incorporate and/or correct your form. 

This is very similar to what happens during a NeurOptimal® brain training session.  The "personal trainer" or the brain training software monitors your brain activity during training, and when it detects a neural tremor in the brain wave patterns, there is an auditory 'pop' or 'skip' that will let the brain know that there has been a shift.

The brain, in that moment, is provided with the opportunity to self-adjust based on the feedback it has been given.

Through the brain training process, just as in physical training, the brain and the central nervous system incorporates the feedback to optimize functioning and becomes less likely to return to the kind of thinking and feeling that results in stuckness.

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If you would like to learn more about the science behind NeurOptimal®, below is a webinar hosted by co-creator, Dr. Valdeane Brown.  It is an indepth webinar running around 1.5 hours.