NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback


Effectiveness of Neuroptimal®

Because neurofeedback with the NeurOptimal® system does not diagnose or treat any particular symptom or issue, it does not aim to "fix".  But rather, to optimize the brain as a whole. 

This brain training system has been designed and built on the foundation that the human brain is non-linear. 

Non-linear because training one area of the brain is not going to effectively train the other areas of the brain or the brain as a whole. 

Just like concentrating on solely building your bicep muscle isn't going to make the rest of your body, or even the entire arm, stronger as a whole, only 'uptraining' one area of the brain will not be globally effective as training to optimize the entirety of the brain.

And just as a well-conditioned body is more effective than just a stronger bicep, NeurOptimal® is designed to condition and train the brain as a whole.

Safety of NeurOptimal®

Because NeurOptimal® system focuses on training the entire brain, there is no one area that can be overworked.

Just as your body knows how to heal from a cut, bruise or reset broken bone, research in neuroscience has shown that the brain can adapt and heal due to its dynamic nature, as well. 

The brain training system itself is designed to be dynamical to work with the brain to provide it with the feedback it can use to self-correct where required and function more optimally.

Effortless Training

When your body is healing from an injury, there are systems in your body that are active to aid in the process of healing while not requiring the individual to be actively or consciously working to heal.

In a similar way, the NeurOptimal® feedback system provides audio feedback to the brain which the brain will process to optimize its own function, without active work required from the user.

Since every brain is constantly changing based on experiences and its organic nature, it is possible for all brains to be optimized in its own individual way with brain training.

With NeurOptimal®, brain training can be relaxing and enjoyable.

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