Total Wellness Coaching

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
— World Health Organization

Welcome NSR Listeners!

Have things not been quite right, but you haven't known how to make sense of it?

Or maybe you do know what needs to change, but you don't know where to start or what direction to move toward?

Or perhaps it's been really hard having to figure everything out on your own, and you just can't see any other ways of doing things.

Change is possible: Feel differently, be physically healthier, have better relationships, be more productive...

I can remember there was a time where I felt like I was facing a brick wall and couldn't see anything beyond it.  I felt stuck and sad all the time.

It was many years ago now, but it was then that I decided to reach out for help.  A trusted guide, to this day, helps me to see different alternatives, helps to navigate me when I seem to drift off course and most importantly, who is one of my most trusted and caring cheerleaders!

She has inspired me to 'pay it forward' and since 2009, I have worked to support hundreds of people to provide the opportunity for themselves, their relationships and lives to improve.

Total Wellness Coaching

There is one thing I am going to tell you right now: Things can be different.

Two years from now, it's possible for you to look back on this day and think, "Things are unrecognizable now from two years ago today."

In fact, you can look back one month from now and think: "Dang, things can change in a short period of time!"

There are a couple of other things I know for sure and they are:

1 - You can control what you can control, and as long as you're clear about what they are, you can concentrate on controlling the heck out of them.
2 - You can be in the driver's seat, even if you're not always in control of the destination or the road conditions.

Together, we will get a clear idea of where you are today, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Five Pillars of Total Wellness

If you decide to work with me, we will work on getting clear about strengthening the Five Pillars of Total Wellness together:
Physical (nutritional, movement & other areas of physical health)
Psychological (rational, emotional & mental)
Social (family, partnered relationships & friends)
Financial (work & career)
Personal Values (inner beliefs - are they aligned with your current life?)

One way of obtaining a snapshot of your current Total Wellness is by establishing your Total Wellness Score here.

It will give you an idea of where you are currently and the areas in which you can improve.

You can take details from the Total Wellness Questionnaire and start working on improving on your own.  Which by the way, is totally do-able and achievable.

Or you can work with me to design a comprehensive and personalized Total Wellness Plan together.

And you can also decide to work with me as your coach to navigate you toward total and optimal wellness.

Ready to get started?

Just for NSR listeners, get started with a one hour online consultation to discuss a  personalized plan toward accomplishing your goals and overcoming your challenges.

Whether you are in Toronto or anywhere in the world, we will connect online to discuss your goals and I will provide you with insights specific to your needs to support you. 

  • One Hour Consultation: $80.00 (Normally $150.00)
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