What Happens in a Neurofeedback Session?

First Session

The first session will take about one hour.  It will include filling out a consent form and a survey of your present challenges and concerns.

Brain Training

You will be seated in a comfortable chair and the trainer will attach five sensors to your ears and scalp using conductive paste.

The sensors are for output purposes only and will pick up your brain waves to be read by the neurofeedback software.

Once the sensors are attached, the training will begin with music played through earbuds or headphones.  While the music plays, you will notice that there will be occasional interruptions or skips which is the feedback for your brain and central nervous system to signal that the software has detected a variance in your brain wave patterns.

The brain training session itself is 35 minutes long and can be quite relaxing and enjoyable.

During training, you can choose to close your eyes, nap, read, study, doodle or anything else that can be done seated without too much movement, as long as it is not on an electronic device.

Subsequent Sessions

Subtle shifts and gains from the brain training may be evident from the first session.  (Many people initially report better quality sleep.)

However, even with the consideration that all brains are unique and different, more substantial and lasting shifts will likely be noticed at approximately 12 sessions.

If the aim of the training is to influence more chronic concerns and challenges, it may take upwards of 20 to 30 sessions.

While the changes gained through brain training will last for the most part, there may be particularly eventful, stressful or trying times that may be helped by maintenance training sessions.

Like continued physical conditioning, there are also those who incorporate brain training as part of an overall regular healthcare routine.

Whether the interest in neurofeedback may be for purposes of personal development, brain resilience, increased personal performance, other reasons or all of the above, ultimately, brain training is a resource and tool which can be utilized to suit your specific needs.